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Kaitlin Clark founded her personal brand Kait Touch This, in August 2016. Born and raised in South Jersey outside of Philadelphia, she has a story that might not be too far off from some of her fellow naturalistas. Between flat irons, loads of hair gel and hair spray, damaging chemicals - she grew up always finding a way to hide her bouncy, voluminous curls. With the desire to look like and "fit in" with most of her peers at the time, she consistently struggled with accepting herself.

This was until she went to college at West Chester University of PA and slowly began the process of learning to appreciate her hair. Well, ok... maybe it helped that it was entirely too difficult to come back from track practice and straighten her hair every day on top of classes, schoolwork, and social life (which she takes pretty seriously). Nevertheless, she decided in February 2015 to commit to at least one month of wearing her hair natural, with no straightening, to see if she could do it. Since that day, she has never looked back - one month turned to several years! What started as a simple self challenge, turned into an entire life transformation. Firstly, she learned what can happen to your natural curls when you actually take care of them. However, most importantly she learned the importance of being her authentic self, always, and never feeling the need to alter her appearance or personality to fit someone else's standards.
With the desire to empower, inspire, influence and connect with others, Kaitlin felt a calling to use her creative abilities to create a platform and brand, hoping that she can encourage others to also embrace themselves and/or their natural hair. She thanks her curls for starting her content creating journey, but her passion to create and influence stems far beyond just hair routines. This blog is an additional space, aside from Instagram, for Kaitlin to share her journey through life - experiences, product reviews, hair and beauty routines, conversations, cooking successes, travel, and more; anything that she feels might benefit someone else to read. Kaitlin created “Live More for Less,” as her slogan, because she feels this phrase perfectly describes her lifestyle as she navigates through her roaring 20's. She says, “one of the most important things I have learned is that it is still possible to live your life to the absolute fullest, look your best, feel your best, and do everything that you set your mind to without buying all of the “top-of-the-line” expensive products, having a closet full of designer wear, and spending enormous amounts of money.”
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