The Time Has Come!

4:34 PM

Those of you who know me know I've been talking about a blog for quite a while now. To be honest, it took me forever to get started, first, because I am a busy gal, BUT, also (and mainly) because I lacked the confidence and courage. I follow hundreds of bloggers who seem to have it all together, and I felt like my blog and experiences would never begin to compare.

After attending Team Natural's  "Living No Lye Tour," I began to change my mindset. "Natural Chica," Natural Hair and Lifestyle Blogger, gave a phenomenal presentation; she said everything that I needed to hear. Her inspiring messages addressed all of my doubts and fears, and at the end of that day I knew that I was going to move forward with becoming a blogger.

At the end of that day, I realized that I would never get anywhere if I did not just START. Sure I do not have a crew of people helping me, the greatest and most high-tech equipment for pictures and videos, but I have enough....enough to get started. Rather than continue to find ways to doubt myself and my abilities, I am learning to use and appreciate everything that I am blessed to have, like the curls on my head for instance :)

Hopefully, I can look back in years & see how much I have grown since this day. But here's to the start of my journey, and I hope that you'll take it with me!

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