Five Stay At Home Date Night Ideas for Valentine's Day or Year-Round!

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 On the search for different date ideas that don't involve leaving your house? Look no further! Besides the fact that we were hit with a pandemic and forced to stay home, sometimes it's actually nice to be able to do fun things with your person while still in the comfort of your own home - with no getting ready, driving, making reservations, etc. 

Below I've shared 5 at home date nights that my fiance and I have had thoroughly enjoyed. They were all fun for their own reasons and super budget friendly! Whether for Valentine's Day, or the next time you don't have the energy to go "out and about," try one of these date ideas and make sure to let me know how you liked it!



It's always fun to do something together that you've never done! There are several different "couple's crafts and projects" on the internet. Have you ever thought of creating a casting sculpture of your own hands? We received an awesome kit from Pearl of My Heart and got to create a sculpture of our own. How cool that we now have this for life?! Bonus, it comes with a glass kit and string lights to put in it, which makes it such a fun touch to add to your home. You can USE MY CODE KAIT10 for 10% off your purchase! 

The project itself isn't very time consuming. The kit includes everything you need- you first create the mold, then hold your hands together inside of the mold for 3-9 minutes (that's the tricky but fun part.. you want to try to stay as still as possible), then you create a casting to pour inside and let it sit for 4 hours before you reveal. So during that time you can make dinner, or pick a movie or show(s) to watch while sipping your favorite bottle of wine. Then, you get to reveal the final project and make it yours. The kit also included a stand to add a picture and paint, but we liked it as it was.                


Who doesn't love a wine and/or beer flight?! Technically, this does require leaving the house to grab a few different drinks (unless you order them online for delivery). However, once you have all that you need you can create fun DIY tasting cards and try each while rating them together - OR - you can go one at a time with a blindfold and try to guess which is which and see who wins. I guess it depends on whether you're going for a fun, chill evening or a friendly competition. We did this with another couple for a birthday so that we could feel like we were at a brewery without leaving the house and paying for several flights. 


At first this might sound silly. How? What? However, this was one of my favorite date nights to this day! We were actually supposed to visit Italy & Spain in April 2020 before the pandemic hit and cancelled our plans. So around the time we would've left, we decided to recreate a night in Spain. We went all out - from the outfits we wore, to the dinner we cooked and the drinks we made. We even played Spanish music. 

I highly recommend picking your favorite country, or a country you'd like to visit with your partner and recreating it right in your home. Dress the part and pick an authentic meal that you can look up a recipe for online, along with a cocktail from that country. We did steak and shrimp in a homemade Spanish sauce and a homemade Sangria. We may or may not have also attempted some salsa dancing, lol!

We also did a fun Mexican theme (below) for Cinco de Mayo featuring shrimp, chicken and beef tacos, with homemade sangria & margaritas- this is always a great idea!


You can't go wrong with a good ol' night of games! This is a perfect way to have a date night at home. Crack open a bottle of wine, bring out some assorted snacks, and get the games out. Even if you don't have several games at your house, you can look up certain apps. Heads Up is one that you can play against each other right on your phone and keep score, and a deck of cards never fails. Trivia is also fun and there are tons of couple's trivia games. If you want to make it more serious and you're trying to learn more about each other, you can both take a free quiz that will rate your love languages and you can guess each others order before you reveal your results.

We personally prefer game night with at least one other couple because there's more options when you have 4+ people. Check out my "Favorites" section on my Amazon store HERE to view & purchase some of the fun games we enjoy! 


Who says you need to go to a "Painting With a Twist" party and pay $70-80 for 2 to paint and sip? You can have yourselves a night, with your own paint, drinks, and playlist of choice right in your very own kitchen at your table (with a nice cover on it of course). You can grab cheap canvases right on Amazon, along with a paint/paint brush kit, or we had rocks that were given to us and actually decided to paint the rocks to put outside. I have to say my fiance surprised me and did much better than expected (check out his peaceful dove, lol he was going for a tranquil look) 

There are several different painting tutorials on Youtube, too, if you choose to use canvases. Artistic ability doesn't matter - it's nice just to relax, get creative and bond together!


These are obviously just a few of so many fun ideas! The fun part, too, is that you can choose how you want to dress. You'll likely go for a comfy, cozy look if you're doing something crafty and relaxing with a movie, but if you're bringing a specific country to your house for the night then hey you might throw on a fancy outfit and dress to impress. The options are endless! 

I'd love to know what some of your favorite date night ideas are, or if you plan to try any of these at home. Let me know in the comments! Have fun y'all!

-Kait xo 

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