Road to I Do Series: Introduction

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Road to I Do Wedding Series:


We're married! It's been almost two months since we tied the knot on 3.11.22 and it still feels surreal that I'm a wife and I get to do life with my best friend forever. I had been anxiously awaiting the big day since the day I became a fiancé on 11.3.20 and it was undoubtfully better than anything I could have dreamed of. 

As someone who enjoys hosting and planning, I took the challenge of being a DIY Bride - we worked to come up with a vision, without outside opinions, so that everything was truly what we wanted. While I learned pretty quickly planning a wedding is much different than hosting a small get together at home (lol) I made it out alive and can now share the experience and all that I've learned throughout the process in hopes of helping future couples & brides!

Now that I finally have a bit more time on my hands -- I am so excited to share a series of blog posts sharing more about the planning, details, our vendors, and tons of helpful tips I learned along the way. I have worked on these sporadically throughout the wedding planning process, but decided to share them all afterwards. As a Lifestyle Content Creator who loves sharing content pertaining to my life and interests, there was no way that I couldn't share all the fun from what have easily been the greatest moments of my life thus far. Below are all of the blog posts that are a part of my "Road to I Do" Series. If you are here because you are curious about a specific aspect of wedding planning, I hope that one of my posts below can help. Throughout the week of May 9th, the links below will become active and will be here to stay thereafter. 

I. From Girlfriend to Fiancé - How it All Started 

II. Finding Our Venue - Helpful Things to Know and Questions to Ask When Searching for a Wedding Venue on a Budget 

III. Bridesmaid & Groomsman Proposals - How We Asked Our Favorite People to Stand by us on Our Wedding Day

IV. For the Love of Wedding Planning - General Timeline I used & Helpful Tips

V.  NOLA Bachelorette Party - Your Guide and Itinerary for an Amazing Bachelorette Party in New Orleans

VI. Bridal Shower - Party Details I Loved & Registry Ideas for Future Brides

VII. Rehearsal Dinner - DIY Style & "Final Fiesta" themed

VIII. Details & Décor - Some of our Favorite Décor, Signage, and Non-traditional wedding ideas we incorporated

IX. Our Wedding Vendors - The vendors, brands, and entertainment we booked for our wedding day 

X. Our DIY Donut Board - How we created our own donut board as a treat for wedding guests during our reception

XI. The Wedding Party - Fun & Thank you Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen 

Please enjoy & feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me via email ( or Instagram if you have any questions! xo

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