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As much as I love to eat, it just would not be right if I

never shared some of my food experiences with you! I figured it is perfectly appropriate to dedicate my first food post to the amazing brunch I was invited to this past weekend at Mad Rex, a Post-Apocalyptic Themed Restaurant & Virtual Reality Lounge.

The restaurant’s unique décor caught our attention as soon as we walked in – with bold graffiti, artifacts, and weapon displays – the entire space was decorated like a shrine to apocalypse survivors. My girlfriends and I described the space as a “futuristic, augmented reality.”
The menu also went along with the theme, which was really cool! The new Brunch Menu offers a Quick Brunch for $20 featuring an entrée and dessert, or a Three-Course Meal for $30 featuring a starter, entrée, and dessert ($10 more for bottomless mimosas). I took some time to think about my meal choice, but I was sure I wanted the bottomless mimosas! The Juicer Mimosa Bar comes with brunch ticket, and features champagne with fresh juice. I also tried the "Apothic Mimosa" - apothic red wine and champagne with mixed berries, and my absolute favorite was the "Eden's Apple Mimsoa" - champagne and apple cider. 
front: Apothic Mimosa back: Eden's Apple Mimosa
After long thought, I’m sure my server can vouch for that, I decided to go with the Three-Course Meal option because your girl was hungry; plus the first courses sounded very appetizing. I decided to go with the Crab Cake for First Course, Chicken & Waffles for an Entrée, and Tiramisu for Dessert. I was highly considering the Shrimp & Grits because that's something different from what I would normally order, but my friend ordered that as her entrée so I figured I'd try hers- that's what friends are for ,right? 
There was not a single thing that I did not enjoy! I loved my crab cake, and especially loved the mango jalapeño chutney sauce on the side that brought out the taste even more. Now it's hard to go wrong with crispy chicken and waffles, but they were even better than I was hoping. The chicken was extra crispy and the belgian waffles were nice and fluffy; the siracha maple syrup made the dish differ from your typical waffles and syrup, but in a good way. I'll be honest, I had to force myself to take a few forkfuls of my Tiramisu, because I was stuffed, but that was delicious also - wish I would have had more room for it, but I didn't want to put my mimosas to rest... oops! Two of my friends chose the S'mores Margarita for dessert; they said it was refreshing and tasty, but stronger than they expected (includes Tequila, Godiva Chocolate liquor, triple sec, Creme de Coco, hazelnut liquor, with a toasted marshmallow). So one was just enough, lol. 
To conclude, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Not only was every part of our meal excellent, but the vibes and entertainment were also great. You can't go wrong with a restaurant that can keep you entertained and provide good food/drinks. We all said that we would go back! If you have a free Saturday or Sunday in the city, I definitely recommend checking out Mad Rex in Fishtown, Philadelphia. Thanks for having me! 

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