Baby, it's Cold Outside!

1:08 PM

October and November in Philadelphia felt more like spring, but I think it is safe to say the cold weather has arrived. In the past, cold weather has made me want to throw on sweats, tie my hair up, and hop under my covers with a mug full of hot cocoa. BUT, I am no longer letting that be the case because there are plenty of ways to keep warm & cute.

The sweater dress (above) is from Forever 21. I love the mature look to it, and the material is so so soft! Can I add it was on clearance too? So yes, I HAD to buy it! 

Although, the dress is no sleeved, I figured adding a solid long sleeve shirt underneath would still work for the winter. I was right! In 40 degrees, I kept warm in this snug, long dress. The dress comes down to my calves, which gives me full leg coverage when I wear boots with it. 

So needless to say there are still ways to wear dresses and keep your wardrobe game up, while also keeping warm! Don't let the cold stop you your cuteness :)

Stay tuned for more "Cozy and Cute" winter outfits.
- Kait  xo


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