The Importance of Reflection

12:45 PM

I did it! In three and a half years, I have earned my Bachelor's degree and completed my undergraduate college career! While I am psyched and excited to see what the future holds, I have concluded that I cannot progress until I destress and reflect. 
So often we get wrapped up in the many different turns that life takes us, we get caught up in life's fast-paced nature and feel the need to rush into things - relationships, jobs, purchases, projects, decisions. We pay too much attention to those in "picture perfect" relationships, those who may have landed their dream jobs before they ended school, and we think that something is wrong with us if our life is not painted the same. More or less, we forget what it means to simply relax and REFLECT. How can we effortlessly move to our next chapters in life, if we have not finished the pages we were previously on? How can we open a new door, if we have not fully the shut the ones behind us? 
To reach your fullest potential, it's essential to look back and reflect on your past. Look back at what you have done throughout your life, types of people you have gotten along with, types that you simply did not "click" with, hobbies that you gained, activities that you could not stand. Looking back can make our views looking forward much clearer. Sure I've had my fair share of awful relationships, unenjoyable jobs, etc. but I found my own quiet time to think about why I did not like those things and I worked to avoid those things and work towards a better future.
Although I am confident in my future and my degree's potential to open many doors, I believe to successfully move on, I first need to completely and confidently close the doors behind me. Everyone works at different paces and has their own lifestyle that works for them, but... Never be afraid to put your life on a brief pause, or go against society's norms to better yourself and your own goals -  reflect and do what is best for you, that way you will have no regrets.

-Kait xo

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