Road to I Do Series: Bridesmaid & Groomsman Proposals

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Road to I Do Wedding Series:

III. Bridesmaid and Groomsman ProposalsHow We Asked Our Favorite People to Stand by us on Our Wedding Day

Soon after we solidified our venue and date, it was time to ask our favorite people to stand by our sides on our wedding day. If  you haven't heard the term "Bridesmaid and/or Groomsman Proposal," it's just a fun opportunity for the bride and groom to show their squads how much they mean to them as they ask them to be a part of their wedding. After being a part of different online bride groups, I found that the idea definitely has mixed reviews. Some think it's "too much" and would rather just ask them, some decide not to have a wedding party. Ultimately, all couples are different and it should be whatever the couple wants- but as someone who truly values my sisterhood, it was essential that I made them feel special and let them know how much I value their support as I planned my wedding. My husband didn't actually spend and money in the way that he asked (keep reading to see), but still did something that will for sure always be remembered. I love to host so it was a no-brainer that I would do this in person and my husband, being the football lover he is, tied that into the way he asked his groomsmen. 


For me, it wasn't so much about the gifts I gave, but more so the time I got to spend with them which is why I opted to throw a gathering at my house and ask them in person. I had to push the date out to February 2021 due to COVID so I decided on a "Galentine's" themed PJ party! It was super easy and we had SO much fun! I got a couple little snacks and sweets for everyone to munch on and a variety of wines & homemade sangria. I also created a fun grass wall backdrop in my kitchen with artificial grass squares and an " I Do Crew" Banner (this was a hit!) because I knew there'd be tons of kodak moments. I forgot to mention, most of my friends are not local anymore so it gives us even more of a reason to make sure to capture the moments when we're together. One of my friends, who lives in Chicago, couldn't make it so I just met with her and gave her her box at an earlier date when she was in town.

After hanging out for a bit, I gave each person their Bridesmaid proposal box, which had a personalized champagne flute, a bracelet with their initial in a box that said "I couldn't tie the knot with you," a mini bottle of champagne with a fun Bridesmaid label on it, and a velvet hair scrunchie with a label I made that said "to have and to hold." I also printed a few pictures out at CVS for each box; this was an inexpensive touch that took little time and made it more personable. We spent the rest of the night sipping, playing games, and discussing any wedding plans I already had in mind (which was nothing beyond a New Orleans bachelorette lol) BUT I had one last surprise appearance for them... 

Our surprise guest, Cupid, had been upstairs the entire time and no one knew! If you know the two of us, you'd probably expect nothing less, but somehow we pulled it off and everyone was surprised. With COVID, there wasn't too much happening so he knew he'd be home and was totally up for making the night even more special. I got the Cupid suit on Amazon and he rocked it and gave each of us a rose when he made his grand appearance lol. Extra? Maybe a tad... but a night I'll always remember? With a doubt.

Now for the fellas! As I mentioned, my husband Joe actually asked his groomsmen without gifts. He went with a fun, creative video concept to ask them to be his groomsmen and they loved it! Joe is a football coach and has always loved the sport, so he decided he wanted to have a Groomsmen draft. He literally put on a suit and had a script as if it was a live NFL draft and asked me to be the Co-host. I thought it was cool that we both ended up being a part of each other's ideas. Since I've had experience making  videos, I set up my camera and was able to edit the footage for him, adding in all the fun sound effects, etc. He told his groomsmen to tune in at a certain day and time so everyone could watch it together and then the lineup was officially set. Click below to watch:

So there you have it! I'll admit, it was really fun to kick off our planning with this. We wanted our creativity and personalities to shine through all that we did throughout this process, including the ways we asked our favorite people to be in our wedding. This definitely got us even more excited for the big day! What did you do or are you planning to do to ask your bridesmaids to be a part of your wedding (if you're having a wedding party)? Leave me a comment & let me know. Don't forget to check out some of my other posts in my Road to I Do Series! 

-Kait xo

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