Road to I Do Series: Our DIY Donut Board

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Road to I Do Series:

X. Our DIY Donut Board - How we created our own donut board as a treat for wedding guests during our reception

All you need is Love... and Donuts! When Joe and I began brainstorming and discussing ideas that we wanted to incorporate for our reception, we both agreed we would love to have a snack or treat towards the later part of our reception. I was so excited that we landed on DONUTS!


While it sounded crazy to have more food (in addition to cocktail hors d'oeuvres, a plated meal, cake, ie.,) we thought back to some of the weddings we've attended and we always appreciated when an extra little treat(s) was provided towards the end of the wedding. What can I say, I guess all that drinking and dancing can really build an appetite, lol!  We thought donuts were perfect because, well first... they're delicious, but also they're not too heavy, not too light, not too messy and don't require additional toppings, ie. - we figured a variety of donuts would be a total crowd pleaser and I'm happy to share that we were correct.

I began searching for donut boards online and found options to buy and/or rent, but the prices were shockingly high. I couldn't wrap my head around paying hundreds and hundreds for a single board that we would use for one night. Before giving up on the idea entirely, my husband suggested that he makes one. At first I laughed, wondering how he would do it or find the time to do it, but sure enough it was actually simple. We had most of the materials needed already (wood glue, wood, saw, clamps, ie.) so it cost us under $40 to do, but even if you have none of the materials prior it is still much cheaper to make your own than pay the prices you will find online. Once the board was put together, I glued on this sign that I had previously purchased and added some eucalyptus garland around the border for some fun touches. Read below for all of the materials needed and the step-by-step.

 I wanted to share with you all in hopes that someone else, whether for a wedding or special event, will also be able to save hundreds and benefit from the same idea. Please make sure to comment or leave me a message on Instagram with pictures if you decide to, I would love to see! 

Items Needed (all are tagged):

* White Peg Board (we got 2 to put together, 1 can also work depending on the size you're looking for)

* Wood Glue

* Wood  (we already had some from a previous project, but you can look for wood in any hardware store to use for the structure and then cut it down to exact size with a saw)

* Saw

*Wood Round Dowels (for pegs; we used the saw to make 3 in. sized pegs - you can determine how you'd like to space them out on your board)

* Clamp(s)

* White Semi-Gloss Spray Paint (optional)


1) Measure your peg board (length x width) so you know what length your wood should be. Then use your saw to cut your wood that length; you want to outline the back of your peg boards with wood to give a nice, solid structure (optional, you could actually measure diagonal cuts also so that the board stands on its own but we opted to just outline the back and knew that we'd have it sit up against a wall)


2) Once you measure and cut your wood, you will put wood glue on the back of your peg board(s) and use your clamp(s) to clamp the wood down. I would advise keeping it in place for at least an hour before moving on to the next step so you can make sure it's on there good!


3) After you complete your wooden border around the back, you can flip your peg board over and begin putting your pegs in place. We purchased long wooden dowels and used the saw to measure and cut 3 inch pegs (decide how many pegs you will need and how you'd like to space them out on your board prior to)

4) Once you have all of your pegs cut, you will use wood glue to place them on your peg board. We put wood glue on one end of the peg and stuck it down to the board. I would let these sit for at least a day before trying to pick up and move the board (we were ahead of ourselves and we did have a couple fall off initially; we just added more glue and placed them back on). 

5) If you have any signs, ie. you can also glue those on when you put your pegs on. I used my "How Sweet it is to be Loved by You" sign (tagged above) and clamped that down at the same time as the pegs

6) If you plan to use spray paint, after a day or 2, you can just take the board outside and spray paint. I had to make sure to cover my sign and then opted to spray paint everything else white so it was all one color (of course the color is totally up to you!) 

Once it was spray painted, the board was totally done and we were so happy with it! We did need to have our friend with a pick-up truck help us out with transporting to our venue due to the size, but it was so worth it! If you're reading this because you're considering adding a donut board to your wedding or event, I say DO IT! It truly made for the sweetest ending to a new beginning! 

Thank you so much for reading! If you enjoyed, make sure to check out some of my other blog posts within my Road to I Do Series! - xo 

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