How I Whiten My Teeth + Giveaway (closed) with Smile Brilliant!

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Everyone knows I'm all about fluffy, moisturized curls & glowing skin, but one thing I have not talked much about is teeth, which are just as important! This was until I got my hands on my Smile Brilliant at home teeth whitening trays. This kit has allowed me to effortlessly gain pearly whites & I could not be more excited to take on the summer with nice tan skin and my bright, white teeth.

A smile goes a long way & I feel so much more confident knowing that my teeth are white... and let me tell you something, I thought they were white before.. HAHA! I could go on and on about the newfound love I have for this whitening kit, but I suppose you would like to know more about how it works. Before reading further, click here to read 10 facts everyone should know about teeth whitening. 

Once you order a kit, Smile Brilliant with send you your dental impression kit. The kit will include your catalyst paste (white) & base paste (blue). The impression process is pretty self explanatory and there are thorough directions in the box as well. In my youtube video (posted below), I walk you through exactly how to mix the two pastes together before putting the impression int your mouth. My best advice would be to make sure you are in front a mirror & make sure you have a timer and do not take anymore time than the times that are suggested.

Once you let your impressions dry, you run them under cold water and you are all set to mail them back in your pre-paid Smile Brilliant envelope. And in no time, your package will arrive back with your fancy fitted trays!

I started slowly and worked my way up because my teeth are very sensitive. I did three 45min. sessions every other day. Then, when I got used to it I did three two-hour sessions every day. Keep in mind that is how long I whitened, but then i applied desensitizing gel (15 mins.) and waited 30 minutes to eat or drink after. Every mouth is different so I say feel it out. However, you may notice results in as little as one application - I did!

So as you may have figured out, I absolutely love my whitening kit & had nothing but positive results! The process takes a bit of time, but it is overall very simple. The BEST part is that while you whiten, you can do just about anything - I went shopping, took walks, typed emails & got my nails done while I was whitening and no one had a clue. I had little sensitivity when I first started, but the Smile Brilliant desensitizing gel works really well to eliminate that. You can click here for sensitivity solutions and preventions!  I think my new smile speaks for itself that Smile Brilliant works great to create a bright & natural smile - I have provided all of the information you need to get started, and I'll leave you with some things to know before buying. 

I've partnered with Smile Brilliant  to give one of my readers/followers a kit to enjoy for themselves! 
The kit includes: $139.95 store credit at Smile Brilliant for T3 Non-Sensitive System (Custom-Fitted Trays + 3 Whitening Gel Syringes). 
All you have to do is Click Here & Enter to Win. & add your name and email address. 
Good luck friends! xo

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Smile Brilliant Video/How To:

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