2020... Finding Light in the Darkness!

5:30 PM

[Giveaway is now closed] Hey Y'all! First off, what a year this has been so far, huh?! From the death of Kobe Byrant, to a pandemic literally shutting our world down, to witnessing unarmed black lives being taken, this has been the most trying year I have ever experienced. Like many of you I'm sure- the year has most definitely taken a toll on me both mentally and physically. 2019 was also a bit rough for me in terms of fully transitioning into an independent life of my own, outside of my parent's home. Let's just say it was not as easy as I thought. I did not realize how good I had it being called down for dinner every night, not having to clean the house, not having to do my own grocery shopping, etc. At the time, I worked over 40 hours a week and barely had time to come home, cook/eat, and shower before I had to go to bed and do it all again.When I wasn't working, I was typically out and about with my boyfriend or friends; I loved the fact that we could go out and return to a place that was ours, especially after being in a long distance relationship for years and only seeing each other once every 1 or 2 weeks. Then, that summer I landed a new role with my company and spent most of time getting accumulated to that. I had great intentions of hustling harder than I ever had with my content creating and blogging once I moved out. My boyfriend even agreed that I should have my own, little studio room for my products and recording. However, that failed. And... just when I thought it could only go up, 2020 happened.

In the beginning of this year, I often felt myself getting really down, especially after the loss of George Floyd. It is hard to be consistently filled with joy and happiness when you are watching lives end because of the color of their skin. As a bi-racial woman in her mid-20's, I kept thinking about future conversations I will have to have if I ever have a son, or if I would even be smart to bring a child into this crazy world. I could go on and on... however, after much reflection and conversation, I realized even when life's circumstances are extremely unfavorable, life is short and time is only passing us by. It is so important to try to find the light even when we are in the dark. It was a struggle at first, but I tried to focus on the blessings this year has brought. For example, being forced to quarantine allowed me more free time then I have had in years, lol!! I figured I better use that time to my advantage. I started cooking like I never had before, shoot I became a little chef, bartender, and baker, ha! I got back into fitness and got on a steady weekly routine and I started brainstorming ways to really jump back into content creating and stay consistent without burning out as I often found myself doing in the past. My main goal going forward is to expand to more lifestyle content, not just natural hair. My story and inspiration to create and empower stems from my natural hair journey, but my goal is to share content beyond that. I have worked hard to create and share a mission and brand that I can stick to.

Of course I felt like I couldn't get back into the swing of things without a GIVEAWAY because y'all know I love to share things with my social media fam, especially if they are free ;) I am so grateful for Mixed Chicks hair company for sponsoring my first giveaway back! This is the first company to ever sponsor a giveaway for me in 2016, the first brand I ever received a check from, and ironically they are also the first natural products I ever used on my hair. When I was younger and saw the words "Mixed Chicks" on a product, I remember feeling like they were designed just for me. I just had to have the whole product line. Years later, I still use and keep these products on my shelves. My favorite is and will probably always be the leave-in conditioner. The giveaway prize is a beautiful basket filled with products and goodies worth $100+ that will be shipped out to whoever wins. The giveaway will end on Sunday Oct 11th at 9 PM EST. Make sure to enter if you haven't. The rules can be found on my Instagram page (click here). GOOD LUCK!

I'm so happy to be back & doing what I love! Check out my updated 'About Me' page and please let me know if there's specific things you'd like to see, suggestions, etc. 

-Kait xo

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